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From Friday Dec.1st, 2017 to Monday Dec.25th, the digital arts exhibition allowing one to build, see, and enjoy the local region, WOW “POPPO”, was held at the Manabia Terrace in Higashine-city, Yamagata. At the exhibition for the cutting edge visual expressions produced by WOW, three new installation works were on display with the theme of local Tohoku toys.

Introduction of the Art Works (In order of appearance)

■POPPO Forest
The motif for this piece is the “otaka poppo”, a toy hawk carved from wood that is a part of the traditional Sasano wood carvings from Yonezawa city in Yamagata. “Poppo” means toy in the Ainu language. The “poppo” in this exhibition’s title has the same meaning. The “otaka poppo” was handed down since ancient times as a charm to ward off evil spirits and to increase one’s fortune. In the exhibition, magnets resembling trees can be placed on the wall and when stacked on top of each other, various birds resembling the “otaka poppo” will perch on top of them with the winter landscape of Yamagata in the background.

The wooden kokeshi doll is the motif for the next piece, Yadoru, a photo booth that takes a photo of your face and renders it into a kokeshi-like design before projecting it on to a wooden kokeshi doll. The face of the kokeshi moves and its torso portion is animated as well, resulting in a magical experience where it seem like the user’s soul inhabits the doll.

Using a digital touch panel display, Rokuro is a work that allows the creation of original wooden crafts. The pulpwood displayed on the screen is shaved on a lathe at the place where it is touched on the panel, creating an original wood carving. After completion, a number of decorating options are available and projected on to the wall.